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Aragonite Crystal Cluster

Aragonite Crystal Cluster


Weight: 50 - 55g (Small) or 150 - 200g (Large)


    Introducing our Aragonite Crystal Cluster, a captivating and natural piece that showcases the unique beauty of aragonite. This cluster features delicate and intricate formations of genuine aragonite crystals, exhibiting soft shades of white, brown, or blue. Each cluster is meticulously selected to highlight the fascinating patterns and formations of aragonite. Known for its grounding and stabilizing properties, aragonite promotes balance, patience, and emotional healing. Whether you're a crystal enthusiast, collector, or seeking a harmonious presence in your space, our Aragonite Crystal Cluster is sure to captivate you. Display it in your home or office to create a tranquil atmosphere and invite the soothing energy of aragonite into your surroundings. Experience the enchanting beauty and positive vibrations of aragonite with our exquisite Crystal Cluster.

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