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Dream Amethyst Tumbling Rocks

Dream Amethyst Tumbling Rocks



Weight 40 - 50 g | Various shapes/sizes


    Introducing our Dream Amethyst Tumbling Rocks, a captivating and soothing addition to your crystal collection. These rocks feature the mesmerizing hues of dream amethyst, with shades of purple and delicate hints of shimmer. Each rock is meticulously tumbled to achieve a smooth and polished finish, showcasing the natural beauty and unique patterns of dream amethyst. Known for its calming and transformative properties, dream amethyst promotes relaxation, restful sleep, and inner clarity. Whether you're a crystal enthusiast, collector, or seeking a peaceful energy in your space, our Dream Amethyst Tumbling Rocks are sure to enchant you. Experience the tranquil beauty and positive vibrations of dream amethyst with our exquisite tumbling rocks.

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