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Moss Agate Crystal Round Pendant

Moss Agate Crystal Round Pendant


Weight : 38g | 1.7 inches round


    Introducing our Moss Agate Crystal Round Pendant, a captivating and earthy piece of jewelry that showcases the natural beauty of Moss Agate. This pendant features a round-shaped Moss Agate crystal, displaying its translucent appearance and captivating moss-like inclusions. Each pendant is meticulously crafted, allowing the unique patterns and colors of Moss Agate to shine. Known for its grounding and nurturing properties, Moss Agate promotes growth, abundance, and connection to nature. Wear this pendant as a symbol of harmony and renewal, embracing the natural energy of Moss Agate. Experience the enchanting allure and transformative vibrations of Moss Agate with our exquisite Round Pendant.

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