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Shungite Point Pendant

Shungite Point Pendant


4.5 g | 1.7 inch lenght


    Introducing our Shungite Point Pendant, a captivating and powerful piece of jewelry that embodies the transformative energy of Shungite. This pendant features a sleek and pointed Shungite gemstone, showcasing its deep black color and unique lustrous surface. Each pendant is meticulously handcrafted to accentuate the natural beauty and distinctive characteristics of the stone. Shungite is revered for its protective and purifying properties, shielding against electromagnetic radiation and promoting a sense of balance and harmony. Wear this pendant as a symbol of grounding and spiritual growth, allowing the transformative energies of Shungite to guide and protect you on your journey. Experience the captivating allure and positive vibrations of Shungite with our exquisite Point Pendant.

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